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  This high performance shock fuild is suitable for all types of Forks & Shocks with in-road, race, and off-road purposes.

The hydraulic fluid is formulated to prevent corrosion, oxidation, leaking, and foaming. 

It also minimizes wear and riction inside suspension system.




 Protect Oil Seal

  It provides o-rings moisture to prevent  deterioration of rubber parts . It will extend shock life.


 Protect The Outer Tube Metal Parts From Oxidative Corrosion

  Form a protective  film on the rod surface of the suspension stroke section to resist metal oxidation, protect seals and prolong shock’s life.


 Anti-Foaming Formula

  Prevent suppress foam generation during actuation and fast defoaming formula to stabilize damping force.


 Ideal For Creating Low Friction

  Fork spring rate is normally betweer 0.5kg/mm to 1.1kg/mm It’s low friction reduces temperature and effectively increases the sensitivity of the fork has to cooperate with low friction fluid in order to increase the sensitivity of the fork.


 High Velocity Index Formula

  High VI performance formula, pursuing low temperature changes in liquid flow rate and stable damping rate.